AlorAir PureAiro HEPA Max 970 Air Scrubber

The HEPA MAX970 air scrubber, with its large air inlet, has always been the first choice for large renovation sites. It’s an air volume of up to 750CFM and can cover up to 7500 cubic feet of space. With built-in UV-C lamp sterilization technology, it can be used in public and private areas such as offices, hospitals, homes, etc. At the same time, with its slim and compact shape and carrying handle, it’s an all-around great device.

Highlights: Three-stage filtration/ UV-C lamp sterilization/ 10-year warranty/ daisy-chain GFCI duplex technology/ filter replacement indicator/ variable speed control


Carb EO# G-20-259. EPA Registration # 99216-CHN-1.



AlorAir PureAiro HEPA Max 970 industrial Air Scrubber, 3-Stage Filtration System, GFCI Outlet, Negative Air Scrubber Water Damage Restoration Interior Decoration

This, along with all other AlorAir Air scrubbers, is a reliable and effective equipment in eliminating harmful airborne and surface microorganisms. This is done by pulling in the contaminated air and filtering out all unnecessary particles before dispensing it back as guaranteed clean and safe. This does not only clean the surrounding air, but also affects contaminated surfaces, especially those that are inhabited by harmful microorganisms such as molds. This makes it a very dependable tool in both residential and commercial restoration projects.

The AlorAir PureAiro HEPA Max 970 Air Scrubber is widely known in the cleaning and restoration industry due its impeccable features. Moreover, it has gone through the most meticulous quality testing and passed with highly remarkable results.



  • Has a compact design
  • Has an automatic indicator for filter change
  • Equipped with Merv 10 pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and a HEPA filter that enables advanced filtration
  • Equipped with UVC light
  • Stackable and can be daisy-chained
  • Includes a maintenance-free bearing motor
  • ETL certified
  • Has a roto-molded polyethylene housing
  • GFCI protection
  • Has a power indicator light
  • Comes with 23 feet power cord


  1. Promotes Healthy Indoor Air Quality – Whether inside your office or your own home, it is very important to breathe in safe and high-quality air. The use of an air scrubber is suitable to make this happen. It filters out harmful particles from the use of cigarettes, pet dander, pollens, dust, and other airborne irritants, leaving you and your family only the safest air to breathe.
  2. Optimal Restoration Assistance – Because of its superb features and specifications, users are assured to obtain maximum performance to ease their restoration job. It is portable, durable, and very reliable.
  3. Maintaining Cleanliness of Properties – With the ability of an air scrubber to filter out dust, you need not worry about frequently having to clean your properties, especially those that are stagnant or in storage. This both saves you time and prolongs the life of your properties.
  4. Conducive Work Place for Higher Productivity – It is a proven fact that a workplace is positively affected by its favorable breathing atmosphere. By providing clean and safe air, employees are certain to provide optimal productivity and benefit from each other’s motivated work ethic.
  5. Protection from Diseases – By the ability of an air scrubber to filter out harmful particles, you and your family are certain to be safe from health risks brought by airborne irritants. These risks include allergies, skin irritations, respiratory illness, and immune-related diseases.

More so, this and all of our air scrubbers are supported by dependable warranty coverage which you can check out on this website as well. For more inquiries, do not hesitate to contact any of our customer service representatives. We are more than happy to help you make a decision for your restoration and prevention needs.

What is in Box:

1- PureAiro Max 970 Air Scrubber
1- 3-Stage Filter (MERV 10, HEPA/Activated Carbon)
1- Built-in UV-C Light
1- Power Cord
1- User Manual


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