Alorair Purecare 1350 Air Filtration System

While conventional units are locked into a 1-intake design, the Purecare 1350 revolutionizes the market with its revolutionary 360° wrap-around air intake design. Four MERV11 filters capture airborne particles from all angles, trapping more pollutants than ever before and providing a cleaner environment. This powerful and efficient unit can clean the air in a 400 Sq.Ft room up to 13 times per hour! That’s why large and medium-sized woodworking stores and carpenters buy PureCare 1350 in bulk.

Highlights: 360 Degree Intake System/ Two-speed large airflow/ 4×MERV 11 fliters/1-year warranty/ IR Remote Control


【IMPORTANT】 Does not meet California air cleaner regulation requirements; cannot be shipped to California.


Power Supply 115 V, 60 Hz, 1.5 A
Filter 4×MERV-11
Airflow 1050 CFM, 1350 CFM
Noise 69 dBA
Size For 1700 Sq.Ft
Timing Range 1-9 hours
Power Cord 5 ft
Unit Weight 27 lbs
Maximum Remote Control Distance 27 ft
Unit Dimensions (L×W×H) 20.5 x 20.5 x 9.8 in
Shipping Dimension (L x W x H) 23.3 x 23.3 x 13 in
Loading Quantity 20’: 214 Sets; 40’: 474 Sets; 40’HQ: 548 Sets



Are you still plagued by a dirty work environment with rising dust and debris that interferes with your work and could potentially lead to respiratory disease?

Alorair Purecare 1350 improves workplace air quality by maximizing the number of air cycles. Dust, wood chips and sawdust are absorbed faster from machines, mats, tools, walls and window sills. No matter how intensive the work is, the Purecare 1350 always meets the needs of the customer.

Circulation: By constantly circulating and moving the air in the room, the Purecare 1350 unit turns even the muddiest areas clean and comfortable. Ideal for wood carving, sanding, turning, wire saw work, rotary tools, powder mixing, etc.

Extraction: Lack of oxygen in crowded or poorly ventilated workshops can cause drowsiness, dangerous mechanical operations , and respiratory infections. Purecare 1350 units are equipped with powerful vortex fans that produce strong airflow when working, and a 360-degree air intake system that draws in large amounts of contaminated air, ensuring that the room is constantly filled with clean air.

Flexibility: The infrared remote control makes it easy to adjust the airflow speed of the Purecare 1350 in various areas of the room to meet different work requirements. The most popular feature is the timer, which allows you to leave directly at the end of a job and the unit will perform cleaning operations for the programmed time – up to 9 hours.

Tips for making the most of your air filtration system

  1. Clean and replace filters regularly to keep them working efficiently
  2. Place or hang in the middle of the workshop without obstructing the angle of airflow

Installation & Fixing Method

  1. Hang 4 eyebolts from the ceiling
  2. Fix the machine on the wall with 4 M4 screws

What is in Box:

1 – Purecare 1350 Air Filtration System
1 – Remote Control
4 – Chains
4 – Mounting Hangers
4 – Mounting Brackets
4 – Expansion Bolt
8 – Screw Hooks
2 – AAA Battery
1 – User Manual


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